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      • Classification of motor

        1. according to the type of work power source, it can be divided into DC motor and AC motor. 1) DC motor can be divided according to its structure and working principle: brushless DC motor and brush DC motor. Brushless DC motor can be divid......【to view more】

      • Degrees of Protection

        IP Code Per rotating machinery enclosure protection degrees: 1.IP Code accord to IEC 60034-5AK En60529 2.IK Code accord to en50102 IP Protection:Protection: Prevent personnel from contacting with or approach to live or moving parts mean......【to view more】

      • Insulation

        Standard efficiency electric motors,high efficiency and premium efficiency motors all adopt Class F insulation system with Class B temperature rise,which is universal globally。 Class F insulation system with Class B temperature rise allow......【to view more】

      • Bearing

        Single row deep groove ball bearings are used。 When roller bearing(NU-or NJ-)is used in drive end,the electric motor will bear bigger radial strength,which is suit for belt driving。 Greasing for inverter duty operation When the elec......【to view more】

      • Cooling Method

        1.he cooling method was designed per technical specifications of the electric motors, meet the requirements of operation. Under normal operation conditions, if the electric motors exceed temperature limit, the professional personnel must ch......【to view more】

      • Motor decomposition and annotation

        1. stator in frame 2. drive end shield 3. bolts 4. non-drive end shield 5. bolts 6. rotor 7. key 8. terminal box 9. terminal block 10. separating plate 11. bolts 12. outer bearing cover 13. labyrinth seal for 2 pole,V ring for 4-8 poles 14.......【to view more】


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